R.I.P. Tom McGowen, 88, in Sept. 2015 ("Sir Machinery," 1970)
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Aka Thomas E. McGowen, he lived near Chicago.

He was a senior book editor at World Book, Inc.

From "Contemporary Authors":

"Sidney Clayton and Associates (advertising firm), Chicago, IL, production manager, 1949-53; Justrite Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, advertising manager, 1953-54; National Safety Council, Chicago, IL, sales promotion director, 1954-59; Hensley Co. (advertising firm), Chicago, IL, creative director, 1959-69; World Book, Inc. (publisher), Chicago, IL, senior editor, 1969--. Military service: U.S. Navy, member of hospital corps during World War II."

Incredibly (given that he wrote dozens of books) the ONLY notice I could find of his death was at Goodreads! Which is why this took so long - up to now, I had only been Googling on his name and birth year. (There was nothing about his death in Familysearch, either.)

(See under Rconard131; he also posted in the Straight Dope forum)


"...I was influenced a great deal by that wonderful book and desired for many years to locate and thank Mr. McGowen, personally. Recently I was finally able to talk with Mr. McGowen himself, now aged 86, still living in Illinois. He wrote 73 books for Follett and Scholastic, among other publishers, and was an editor for World Book. His works covered three genres: Young Adult Fiction,Children's Science, and an impressive number of well researched history books ranging from ancient history to the Korean War era..."

About "Sir Machinery" (from 1970, illustrated by the late, great Caldecott Medalist Trina Schart Hyman - some spell it as "Sir MacHinery," but the cover doesn't look like that to me):

"A mechanical robot with a computer brain is helped by the wizard Merlin to overcome the evil forces encroaching on the earth."

Hyman previously illustrated McGowen's "Dragon Stew."

"Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures" (1981) was illustrated by British illustrator Victor G. Ambrus.

(booklist - this also has over a dozen book covers of his nonfiction work)

(SF book covers)

(more book covers)

(thread on "Sir Machinery," from 2012 to 2015)

(many reader reviews - the most popular 7 or so are SF books)

(three Kirkus reviews)

(more Kirkus reviews)


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The Biggest Toot in Toozelburg, Reilly & Lee, 1970.
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From what I posted in 2007:

He's won awards for Album of Prehistoric Man, Album of Whales,
Radioactivity: From the Curies to the Atomic Age, The Magician's
Apprentice, The Great Monkey Trial: Science versus Fundamentalism in
America, A Trial of Magic, Robespierre and the French Revolution in
World History.

He lives in Norridge, Illinois.

From Contemporary Authors:

"I believe that if children can come to understand the why and how of
things going on around them, from the interrelated activities of
animals and plants to the unseen movement of molecules, they'll be
more likely to grow into comfortable, confident, civilized adults,
unencumbered by superstition and irrationality. If one of my fiction
books can turn just one child on to the imagination-stimulating world
of fantasy; if one of my nonfiction books can make just one child
aware of the equally stimulating worlds of nature, natural science,
and history, I'll have achieved my personal goal."