McDonald's to Honor Film Director
(too old to reply)
2018-04-01 23:20:09 UTC
During the month of April the McDonald's Restaurant organization will
honor famed British film director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) who made
over fifty movies in a career spanning six decades.

As part of the celebration, toys given out with the Happy Meals will
include models of a crow, a seagull, a lifeboat, and a crop-dusting

A souvenir plastic butter knife styled after the famous prop from
_Psycho_ will be issued. Using a special process this is injection
molded in three colours, with a black handle and a silver-gray blade
streaked with red.

British cookbook author, food writer, and food show host Nigella Lawson
has created the celebration's special menu item, the Egg MacGuffin.
This is based on traditional English flavor cues and, according to a
source in the company, has tested so well that it will likely become
a permanent part of the menu, at least in the UK.

Peter Wezeman
anti-social Darwinist
2018-04-02 05:28:11 UTC
April Fool's, no doubt.

But Egg McGuffin is cute, even if the butter knife wouldn't meet their standards.