Stein's Cosmology
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The Starmaker
2020-05-13 19:35:09 UTC
Alterative Explanation of Hubble Red Shifts
Let us, for the sake of argument, assume that i am on a galaxy which is
10,000,000,000 light years from the earth. By a bit of good
You can't, my beloved armenian-american friend. That's three times older
than the age of the known universe.
1 + 2 = 3
red-shift of 1 plus stretch by a factor of 2 equals age of universe.
What universe do you come from Mr.Houser ?
According to Big Bang Cosmology this universe is about 14,000,000,000
years old. According to Stein's Cosmology this universe could well be
infinitely old,
"infinitely old" is religion....it's called "Kaballah Physics". Don't tell me you're one of 'those people'....the chosens ones? eithstein.
In other words, "infinity" is just another word for God, (in your gutter religion).
"Ein Sof" means 'no end'. Kabbalists (gutter religious fanatics) are people who study...infinity.
Quantum Mechanics is nothing more than...gutter religion.
When are you girls are going to start to learn...Real Physics?
Okay, I can see that there is a lot of misinformation 'indoctrinated' by other people's gutter religion...

so let me clarify...

There is no God.

So that means since infinity means God, then there is no ...infinity.

Furthermore, since Nothing means God, and there is no God, then that means there is no such thing as Nothing.

As someone once mistakenly said..."Why is there something rather than nothing?"

Wrong question. There is something because nothing does not exist. Nothing ever existed. Only something exists.

Nothing is gutter religion.

Get it right!

I am the end of it all...
The Starmaker -- To question the unquestionable, ask the unaskable,
to think the unthinkable, mention the unmentionable, and challenge
the unchallengeable.
Keith Stein
2020-05-13 20:52:01 UTC
....... there is no such thing as Nothing.
I agree Starmaker. "Ain't no vacuum nowhere" as i say.
Get it right!
We both Got it right Starmaker:

." No Nothing Nowhere "
...the end ...
keith stein & Starmaker eh!