OT: Bored? Play with Google search string completion
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Charles Packer
2021-09-20 07:48:03 UTC
It began when I was curious about whether there are instructions
online for reporting a UFO.

I typed into the Google search bar "How to report a uf" and
expected it to complete with "ufo." (Because really, haven't
a lot of people asked the same question?) Nothing. But there is
something out there of course -- the MUFON site -- which was at the
top of the returns when I went ahead and completed the search string
myself. I went back and again typed in "How to report a uf" and
Google, as expected, weighed my own earlier search behavior and this
time supplied "ufo."

Now, I have known for a long time that if I type in "How to kil"
there will be no completion, as opposed to "How to kis" which will
readily suggest all manner of osculation. No problem; we all
know that the tech giants have nannies back in the shadows. So
this time I continued with "How to kill a" and got a bunch of
suggestions, including "How to kill a pig with a knife." After
inspecting the returns for that I went back and entered "How to
kil" and still got no completion. This means that Google will
avoid prematurely suggesting anything related to
killing, even to the point of ignoring my own previous searches.

Jack Bohn
2021-09-20 17:01:33 UTC

In another thread someone was writing about how isolated some Canadian province was. This caused me to wonder if that was the one that had no rats in it. I had gotten as far as typing in "Canadian province wi" when autocomplete put up "thout rats" as the first guess.

The second choice was "th desert", and the third was "th the most freshwater". A hint on that last, further down on the list is "th 1/5 of the world's freshwater", so if you look around a map, you can see where they keep it.